Meet Zonkey. He is a 4-5 year old gelding. He is learning to trust people and is super sweet once he knows your agenda. He is a standard donkey with lots of leg barring. He is NOT a zonkey. He is good with jennies, mares and geldings. He is lower in the pecking order but is food aggressive with feed (not hay). So far that is the only time everyone would have to approach with caution. He respects fences. He is learning about haltering and leading currently, as well as handling.

*His adoption fee is $375*

Image Coming Soon


Olive is a 6-7 year old an untouchable standard jennet. She came in pregnant, and unfortunately delivered a stillborn little boy.

*She is being sponsored by Christi Wagner*

*Her adoption fee will be $375*

*If you'd like to sponsor a donkey please send us an email.*


Meet Galaxy. She is learning about boundaries and manners. She is STUNNINGLY colored. She is enjoying life here at the rescue. She had an adorable foal named Nova which is available for adoption as well.

*Her adoption is on hold-she has just started showing signs she is pregnant*/p>

****All donkeys come in pregnant- WE DO NOT BREED****


He is a tall drink of water! He is about 7 months old and built like a thoroughbred! He is learning that all humans are not bad. He will come up to me now and stand about 10 feet away. He is still untouchable but that is changing...slow but sure! He will be available for adoption once he is able to be handled safely and broke to lead.

*His adoption fee is $425*


Meet Gucci. She is beautiful, unique and stunning all in one. She is super friendly. She is halter broke and picks up all 4 of her feet like a lady. She is current on vaccinations, worming, farrier care.

*She adoption fee is $375*


Meet Prima. She was rescued with 20 other donkeys back in June (12 went to TMR in Texas). She is super friendly as long as she knows you. She had a foal and she will be available in November. She is halter broke and will pick up all 4 feet but both usually require patience. Here color is a stunning slate grey with very dark markings. (She is one of my personal favorites!)

*Her adoption fee is $375*

prima image


Meet Fabio. He is 10 months old. He has as much personality as he does hair. He is just the sweetest boy. He will lead and pick up all 4 of his feet safely. He is current on all vaccines, coggins, farrier care, and wormings. He will be ready for his FURR-ever home at the end of April. For more picture or videos please email us about Fabio.

*His adoption fee is $500*


Meet Mia. She is a smaller standard who is approximately 3-4 years old. She is a friendly donkey who is easy to be around. She enjoys being brushed. She prefers a quiet environment with older children (teens and up). She is just unsure about little kids and their amazing abilities to move quickly). She is good about her feet. She is current on all vaccines, worming, farrier care and coggins.

This girl is stunning when she is shed out!! Beautiful for sure!!

***Her adoption fee is $375***


Meet Kiwi. She is a 6 year old NLP jenny. She is BEAUTIFUL! Wait until she sheds out...Stunning is what she is. She is hard to catch. She would flourish in a home where she would get more attention than she does here at the rescue. She is halter broke and picks up all 4 feet safely. She also stands ties. She is available for adoption.

**Her adoption fee is $400**

Image Coming Soon

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